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Posted on January 1, 2009


Hello folks, welcome to my spiffy new website, which exists courtesy of many man-hours in the website mines by the flaxen-haired, multi-talented, sometimes-bearded Nick Boyajian. Nick is also the man responsible for bringing you Your Body Is Your Soul.

This place will be your source for all things bwg from 2009 onwards, namely:

• demo recordings and new songs, to which you can even respond with feedback.  imagine that.

• reflections on the creative process, ideas for fun stuff to do that maybe you will do with me if you are also a creative type

• writing of mine on traveling Europe, living in Denmark, books, music, cool internet things and whatever else I find interesting

• photos I take whilst going about the course of my life

• normal Band Website Things like info on live shows and new official releases

I have received a fancy, new microphone for christmas, and I have finally decided to learn how to work the 3 year old version of cubase I have, and so you can look forward to new, legible home recordings being posted with serious frequency, especially once I’m settled in copenhagen in february.  I also have half a mind to put the minute-a-day records back into action once I master this new technological beast.

In the immediate future I will be posting the following things:

• new songs

• a boy without god primer, in which I select the exceptionally worthwhile recordings from my million albums of charmingly fuzzy, homemade stuff, in case you find the selection overwhelming and don’t want to listen to 90 seconds of me rubbing two rocks together really close to a crappy mic (you’re missing out).
• “liner notes” on said BWG Primer compilation, so that you can learn how I made all those weird noises and what the hell I was singing about in falsetto in my closet in 90 degree heat in the summer of 2006.  Note: I actually did record all of Songs to Sit in Empty Rooms To (the April minute-a-day record) in a large closet in my bedroom because I didn’t want my roommates hearing me. Liners will also explain what I mean by “minute-a-day record” because you probably have no way of knowing.

• Liner notes about the creation and content of Your Body Is Your Soul

new demos will be downloadable for a month for free, for now, so snap em up while you can, and stop by often.  I’ll be here.
love, gabriel
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