I have conceived of an idea

Posted on January 26, 2009


It came to me yesterday whilst I was dodging MOing couples in the ancient Iranian section of the Louvre.

We’ll see if I stick with it, but here it is: I am going to record two albums (or ep’s or whatever) of covers. One will be of songs I love, which is naturally the way one goes with covers. But, Hrishikesh of the One AM Radio, who has recorded some of my favorite covers, once said to me that he had made those covers because he saw something remarkable in the original song that was buried by the production or the vocals or an overlong instrumental. So, the other record, a take on that idea, will be covers of songs that I hate. Songs that make me groan when they come on the radio. There is clearly something about those songs that grabs me, otherwise I wouldn’t even notice them. Plus, I like challenges.

It’s also inspired by my friends Jake Estner and Shai & Shira Erlichman. Shai & Shira for their cover of Quit Playing Games With My Heart, which I have to admit, in spite of my twelve year old self, is awesome. Jake for his demonstrated ability, due partially to teaching guitar lessons to the youth, to take pretty much any radio-pop song and make it sound dark and gorgeous just by changing the arrangement and tweaking the harmony.

We’ll see if I actually do this but I think it’s a cool idea.

OH, and if anyone else wants to contribute a cover or two that would be fantastic. Funny enough, I always prefer working with others.

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