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two short notes

February 26, 2009


“Both cerebral and down-and-dirty, he never hid behind irony. Rather, he held himself responsible for rising to the occasion of irony’s doubleness, for simultaneously amusing and moving his readers.” This quote, from the NY Times Book Review’s piece on Donald Barthelme, describes with such perfect precision why I love him and the place in which […]

BWG – Best of the Early Years (free music)

February 24, 2009


So, I realize that my back-catalogue of home recordings is a bit overwhelming, and after talking to a few people I decided to try and make a little best-of to help you find your way through it.  Considering I basically recorded everything I did, everything up to Your Body Is Your Soul is pretty hit-or-miss. […]


February 22, 2009


I spend almost all of my time here in Copenhagen with uprooted students in their early to mid twenties.  Sometimes I forget how much this affects my experience here. Last week I went to International Night at Studenterhuset (the student house) to check out the new crop of internationals, and it was a remarkably similar […]

why I love writing

February 11, 2009


I am a firm believer that if the world looks boring, you are not looking carefully enough. Not to say that it doesn’t happen to me, because it does, often, and I suspect it always will. Still, I find the feelings of insignificance and dullness to be largely the result of my own lethargy, my […]

Scenes from Copenhagen nightlife + Lucky Dragons

February 6, 2009


It is late on a Wednesday, and my friend Wesley and I are in a bar, the third of the night and also the swankiest. We are drunk and Wesley is talking about punk rockers now-a-days, with the wisdom a punk gains on having reached the ripe old age of thirty-two. “I fucking shit loaded […]

The Louvre & Centre Pompidou

February 5, 2009


I spent an exhausting five hours in each of these two legendary establishments, and here is what I learned. 1. Museums should never, for any reason, be that big. Every piece in each establishment deserves, I’d say, at the very least 3-5 minutes of focused attention. This would take days, and you do not have […]

Paris, The Language

February 1, 2009


After checking into my room at the Vicq D’Azir (for which I used English) I went to a local brasserie, drawn in by the free wireless sign on the window. Inside, a large, unbelievably jovial man, who I presumed to be the owner, waited behind the bar, pouring drinks for himself and maybe three people […]