Return Of The Minute-A-Day Records

Posted on February 1, 2009


In the fall of 06, I conducted a recording experiment in which I spot-composed and recorded one minute of music each day, starting where I left off the day before and connecting each day’s work as seamlessly as possible. Each minute was fully multi-tracked (as much as I felt it needed) on the day in question. I only made it three days, but I really liked the piece I created (It’s called Bury It In Bells, on There Are Bones In The Trees).

In spring of 07, fresh off 6 weeks of touring with The One AM Radio and moving into my first apartment, I restarted the project, and this time made it for two and a half months, creating the records Songs To Sit In Empty Rooms To, I Am The Place Where All Lies Start, and The Pity Parade. All of these records are downloadable as zip files from the “hear” section, by the way. They are imperfect, of course, but the necessity of making that much music forced me into experimenting with things I’d never have tried otherwise (i.e. rubbing stones together next to the microphone, using the “reverb” effect on audacity to massively distort things).

Now, Feb of 09, in time to participate in the RPM challenge, I am starting again, with my nice new microphone, recording software, and increased confidence in my singing (always the weak part of those earlier recordings in which I desperately tried not to let my roommates hear me, though they were lovely and supportive people).

I will post updates both about the process, and of course, of the music.

wish me luck, I will probably need it!

love, the boy

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