two short notes

Posted on February 26, 2009


“Both cerebral and down-and-dirty, he never hid behind irony. Rather, he held himself responsible for rising to the occasion of irony’s doubleness, for simultaneously amusing and moving his readers.” This quote, from the NY Times Book Review’s piece on Donald Barthelme, describes with such perfect precision why I love him and the place in which I feel/hope my own writing sits.

Recently I have been thinking about how one must be bluntly honest with oneself before one can even decide whether or not to be honest with other people. And since dishonesty can destroy a lot of things if it is not in check (so can attempted honesty) we owe it to everyone to sit down every one in a while and try to write only true things about our lives. It doesn’t solve your problems but at least it tells you which direction they’re in.

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