the problem is the problem

Posted on May 15, 2009


So many things don’t become an issue until you begin to think of them as an issue. Something goes wrong once, and then you start to think “maybe I have a problem/bad luck/misfortune with this” and then you think of every possible way you can approach and fix this problem. You think “how can I fix this problem?” and all you are doing is rooting it more deeply in your mind. Truthfully, you have no idea why you can’t at the moment [write a song/get to work on time/feel relaxed], and by imagining endlessly the potential reasons for this, you just whip your mind into a frenzy of anxiety, which means you certainly won’t be writing songs or feeling relaxed (though it may help you get to work on time, at the expense of calmness). The mind is the source of so much good but it is also a poisonous trap.

you = me, of course

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