YBIYS gets 6 out of 6 in Danish music magazine GAFFA

Posted on May 31, 2009



here is an automatic internet translation until I can get a buddy of mine to do a real one for me:

(EDIT: here is a lovely REAL translation, done by my new buddy Alexander Krogh of Kolding, DK and edited a tiny bit by me)

Without god, but with a huge heart and really good songs.

An amazing album filled up with contradictions of pop, noise, folk, humility and clear self-confidence. The opening number ‘holy holy little fist’ is probably the best song I’ve heard this year. A mix between the best from Akron/Family and Animal Collective, which holds you tight with pulsing energy. Then the record swings away with benchmarks in singer/songwriter, saxophone, lo-fi and a burning inside. The band only consists of American-born Gabriel, who writes songs on guitar, and then puts organ, percussion, saxophone, electronic and whatever else fits. It actually works best the more sound he puts on, but his voice can also carry a part of the music itself. A voice that has more character than actual beauty, gets different sides of him to stand really strong, and doesn’t sound like anything else. A brave demo that shows many sides of a man I really want to hear more from. I’m very excited for the concerts (with band) on Lades the 12th and Oure the 25th of June.

In a month or so I am coming home to america, finally releasing the “official” beautiful, physical version of YBIYS, touring with my bestest buddies/bandmates the Tiny Tornadoes, and otherwise loving life.

until next we meet
love love love

p.s. there is something especially satisfying about the fact that my 6 star review is right next to Franz Ferdinand’s 3 star one in the sidebar. ha-ha

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