make art every day

Posted on July 15, 2009


I recently created a bunch of tiny square stream-of-consciousness watercolor & charcoal paintings which you can find here! or on the SEE portion of the website.

I’ve made some more since then, though they won’t go up until I manage to get myself into a room with a scanner again.
The Tiny Tornadoes & Gracious Calamity tour commences in just over a week, with a show at the Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain on july 24th. We’ll be playing some of my new songs, as well as brilliant bolts of lightning by shira and shai e.
Many plots are afoot for the new record, which will differ from YBIYS in a few big ways, notably in the contributions of LOTS of my friends and fellow musicians. Where that record was a bedroom project, a dreamy concoction of one mind, this will be a celebratory record, I hope. It will sound like a party. A thoughtful party full of smart people with whom you will have great conversations. And good bourbon. And maybe stay up all night and have a beer with breakfast in the morning.
Still listening to Sam Amidon’s All Is Well an awful lot. Still beautiful.

Today or tomorrow I light out for nyc to continue my string of reunions

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