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I’ve never read On The Road

August 30, 2009


and reading it now, for a class, I finally get why all those people I liked over the last few years wouldn’t shut up about it. It occurs to me that what the book is filled with more than anything else (so far, it’s still early) is enthusiasm, so much so that when you put […]


August 29, 2009


Hello from Copenhagen again, as a (tear) tourist this time Today I checked out the Luminarium down by Bella Center and found it really beautiful and calming, despite the fact that, due to its resemblance to a giant bounce castle, it was FULL of writhing, howling little children. Their screams made a funny counterpoint to […]

recent press!

August 20, 2009


Fashion-forward aesthetes Rathaus Art Projects have their ears finely tuned to the rumblings of culture and design, and they also seem to think I’m cool for some reason. Lost At E Minor, another hub for dawning styles and trends, featured a new piece by William Basinski right after me, which should tell you everything you […]

Currently in-studio w/Eli Paperboy Reed & Co.

August 18, 2009


Recording horn tracks for his new album on Virgin. There is a french horn and lots of free food and interns who scurry around adjusting lights and temperature per our request. The guy who produced The Real Slim Shady is playing foosball about 8 feet to my left. And the trombone player told us that […]

Do Not Get Between a Dog and Her Toy

August 15, 2009


For those of you who don’t know, one of my roommates is this lovely creature, a portuguese water dog we refer to as The Fado. We generally get along swimmingly (note the possessive paw on my forearm), and this morning we were enjoying a nice game of tug of war, during which she was growling […]


August 14, 2009


Awhile ago, in an attempt to start doing some writing outside the newspaper format, I wrote a short piece about Stuff White People Like, and the reasons why I find that kind of humor lazy and destructive and pointless (and more importantly, not often funny). But, when someone uses self-deprecating irony to shield their own […]

Hey Jealousy

August 13, 2009


Well, now that that’s stuck in your head, let’s move on to what I actually intended to talk about in this post, which is the many-edged sword of musical jealousy. As I get older, the musicians who blow up get closer to my age, and I find myself constantly comparing ages (well, so-and-so didn’t release […]