Do Not Get Between a Dog and Her Toy

Posted on August 15, 2009


For those of you who don’t know, one of my roommates is this lovely creature, a portuguese water dog we refer to as The Fado.
The Fado And...
We generally get along swimmingly (note the possessive paw on my forearm),
best friends
and this morning we were enjoying a nice game of tug of war, during which she was growling at me like I was trying to steal her children, and after my triumphant victory it occurred to me that I could just move the toy around my body in a circle, causing the Fado to sprint in tiny rings. I found this greatly amusing, but, alas, The Fado did not, and soon she stopped running in circles and simply jumped up and gave me, not undeservingly, this: (uh, ignore that alien-looking patch of hair)
...The Damage Done

So, the lesson stands: Do Not Get Between a Dog and Her Toy
or maybe
Always Play Fair or Else Risk Getting the Ever-Loving Shit Clawed Out of Your Belly

(if you’re on click here to get a clear view of those photos)

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