I’ve never read On The Road

Posted on August 30, 2009


and reading it now, for a class, I finally get why all those people I liked over the last few years wouldn’t shut up about it. It occurs to me that what the book is filled with more than anything else (so far, it’s still early) is enthusiasm, so much so that when you put the book down the world looks brighter and more curious, and it seems like the clatter of voices around you is some kind of decipherable and pulse-quickening message. It also brought me to the arguable idea that great literature raises your interest in the world around you while great TV makes you want to dive back into the fictional world as soon as possible. Just think about it, I could easily be wrong.

also I really like Eugene Mirman’s twitter:

“Fact! If you’re at a toy store & you say it doesn’t matter if a gift is for a boy or girl, they act like you’re trying to turn some kid gay.”

“Good morning NYC! Any new bands blow up in my absence? I’d like to be informed before I go out tonight and talk to thin guys with beards.”


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