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Posted on October 30, 2009


Hey all

I have been neglectful yet again. Oh my blog, how sorry I am. Please forgive me. I’ve been drowning in academia (written papers on William Carlos Williams, Goodfellas, Sam Amidon, & Dziga Vertov, and lots more to come) and spent some time in NYC during which I played a show that I would like to tell you about, because it is important.

The show was a launch party for a music bloglabel called Ampeater Music, on which I was featured here, and which I also write for, as you can see here. It is a wonderful little website where you will be hearing about the best new music (not to be confused with p4k’s Best New Music, which is in fact new music by bands you already know of and which is mostly pretty boring) by bands you have never heard of but will soon. Every day there is a new, free digital single for your listening and downloading pleasure, so let fly with yr bookmarks.

Also, in exchange for my long absence, I have decided to give you a little present. It is a songlet called “sun is sun is” that I recorded in my old-school fashion (built in laptop mic) the other day, just because I felt like it. It is here, free for download and enjoyment

and here is an embedded player, if it works:
sun is sun is by boywithoutgod

I will try to post more things on here, but man, school is just a time vampire, knowhamsayin?

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