I’ve been writing a lot of songs about love lately

Posted on November 17, 2009


As always, really, but sometimes it makes me feel irrelevant. I mean, what could be more trite and worn than a love song? Aren’t there more important things to discuss?
Today, walking past the cemetery, I saw all the dead rise and stand on their graves as they were in youth, at my age, rows and rows stretching all the way back out of sight and it occurred to me that nothing is more important than love, really. I can write about love because I have seen my inevitable death and forgetting, maybe even the latter before the former, and there’s no need to feign ignorance. There’s no need to pretend to be immortal. There is a need to sing songs about pretty girls because pretty girls make you feel alive while you are alive, and there’s plenty to be said for that.

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