Every time I write in here

Posted on December 8, 2009


I promise that I’ll do better about keeping up, and then I don’t. Well, this is no exception. I’m in the middle of the last FInals Hell of my life. Don’t have time to say anything interesting really, only czech out Owl & Bear’s (all too accurate) post on my new free EP.

Played an amazing show at Bowdoin college on thursday with the wonderful Milkman’s Union, and debuted the BWG electric live show, which will probably be sticking around, as long as I can weasel my way into ownership of a sweet guitar. Going to be at the Middle East again on Thursday the 17th! With Mighty Tiny, Sway, and BKLYN band Kittens Ablaze.

Going into the Soul Shop next weekend for the first round of GBtH recording. Wish me luck.

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