A reason to watch american idol, for once

Posted on January 11, 2010


This summer, when I was recording horns for the new Eli Paperboy Reed album, I got to catch up a bit with my friend, trombonist/singer/guitarist/etc Andrew Fenlon, during which time he told a pretty unbelievable story about auditioning for american idol, and, after making it far enough up the ladder to audition for the actual TV judges, grievously offending pretty much everyone involved. He attributed it to the six hours of impatiently cooling his heels in the hallway he had to endure in exchange for a 5 minute audition, something he (I imagine rightly) suspects they do on purpose to make for more nerves and more drama in the auditions. Anyway, the other day I was alerted to this commercial for the new season, in which he is called “The Most Arrogant Contestant Ever” –

Now, the best thing about this is obviously the fact that they used SLOW MOTION VIDEO OF HIM WALKING INTO THE ROOM (stamped with the giant orange words “MOST ARROGANT” of course) to indicate how unbelievably SINISTER he is. It’s like that Simpsons episode where they have the Hard Copy parody that starts every show with slow motion footage of someone walking towards the camera and ominous synthesizer pads.

Anyway, I probably still won’t watch it (sifting through 2 hours of the show for whatever nastily-edited 15 seconds they use to try to humiliate Andrew sounds like hell to me), but I’m sure it’ll be up on youtube, and that, that I will watch.

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