New Song: City Kids (Bad Panda Records)

Posted on January 19, 2010


Hey kids and kittens,

A new song (a home-recording of a song that’ll be on the forthcoming God Bless the Hunger) is now available for FREE on the sweet, Creative Commons netlabel Bad Panda Records.

It comes with these sweet drawings by TY WILLIAMS (you may know him because he is awesome):

Plus there’s an interview where I talk about food and Bon Iver and Alan Silva and Denmark and quote Donald Barthelme.

In other news, GBtH is coming along beautifully. So far, we have basics and lead vocals and horns down for all tracks. Just need to add the backup vox (there’s a lot) and piano/rhodes/wurlitzer and percussion, and strings (!) and whatever other weird stuff we decide needs to go on there when we’re all crazy from being in the studio for many, many, many hours. It is exhausting, but honestly there’s nothing in the world that’s better than working on something you care about. Someday maybe I will be able to always be doing that.

Oh! And I almost forgot!
here are the lyrics:

They stayed out late that night like city kids
the music was shining bright at the bar
and he held her hand, told her “I love you”
she said “I love you too” (I like this line because it could be “I love you” too or “I love you too.” I think it’s both.)

There wasn’t much to do after that
so they both squinted up ahead
at all the dark, unimaginable roads
the worlds one trembling note (again, this is both worlds and world’s [as in “world is])

and he remembers tall rough green grass and endless sky
and she remembers one look that held all their lives
he says I’m too drunk from your lips
she says hey let’s go home and dance in the kitchen
radio whispering sweet old songs
to guys and gals in the GI hall

they took the bus back home at one am
and he nodded right off with his head on her shoulder
and going home, past the ridge, past the bay
this moment never goes away
and in the night, there is love all around
one unending sound

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