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Inane but persistent problem with the new Joanna Newsom record

February 27, 2010


Alternate title: Andy Samberg, Song Ruiner I don’t have much to say about Have One On Me yet (haven’t listened with full attention, but I have faith that it will be amazing) but I put it on, and after hearing “Easy, easy, my man and me / we could rest and remain here easily” ALL […]

I am sorry for my absence

February 25, 2010


I’ve been trying to sort out my life in a new city, which takes a lot of time and doesn’t make for good breezy blog-type reading, not that that’s what I usually post here anyway. I’ll be back soon, just figuring things out. Still working on finishing up the new record, playing shows periodically. Here […]

a good self-referential moment in a novel

February 2, 2010


Usually I find these moments, despite their logic-twisting pleasure, to be a cutesy waste of time. See, for example, the much lauded Atmospheric Disturbances, which consisted solely of quirky chapter headings, numb narration and an endless slew of self-referential gags that completely detached the novel from anything worth caring about. I took it on a […]


February 1, 2010


Odd how you can suddenly notice something that has been happening in your mind and realize it has been happening for quite a long time, much the way you can have your attention brought to the humming of an appliance or some other subtle sound and realize you’ve been hearing it for quite awhile. Today […]