Inane but persistent problem with the new Joanna Newsom record

Posted on February 27, 2010


Alternate title: Andy Samberg, Song Ruiner

I don’t have much to say about Have One On Me yet (haven’t listened with full attention, but I have faith that it will be amazing) but I put it on, and after hearing “Easy, easy, my man and me / we could rest and remain here easily” ALL I COULD PICTURE was Andy Samberg’s goofy ass face spreading into a big grin as he curls up with Joanna Newsom in a hammock. It’s like someone farting right in the middle of a flirtatious and witty conversation.

Obviously, this is stupid. Even though he wrote “Dick in a Box”, Andy Samberg is a real person who feels things like love and pain and is probably afraid to die. But, I just can’t take him seriously enough to imagine beautiful, complex love songs being written about him, and, more importantly, I can’t seem to stop picturing him when I listen to the record. It strains my brain in the same way as looking at an Escher drawing.

The funny thing about this problem though, is that every dude I have mentioned it to has been like “I know!!” At least I’m not alone in my irrationality. I assume it will go away soon.

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