Tracking on GBtH is practically done

Posted on March 19, 2010


This is pretty exciting. I can’t even believe the way it’s coming together, how beautiful everyone sounds. There are, at last count, ten people on this record who are not me, and there will be three more soon. This is a huge departure from previous recordings, which had no people who were not me (and, with the exclusion of YBiYS, to which Nick contributed a lot of brainstorming and production/arranging ideas, had no input from any people who were not me). I can see the way this is changing the music for the better (see this post). When there is no one to rethink, even misinterpret, your ideas, everything gets executed as planned and that accidental magic of people creating together seldom happens the way it can when you get five people in a room to try and play a song. Some of the best moments on the record come from arrangements suggested to me by members of the band, things they just heard in their heads that I never would have caught. Many of the songs didn’t find their full form until half a year after they were written, or more. Anyway, this is all a tease because you can’t hear any of it yet, but man, I am excited. Can’t wait to let this out into the world.

Also, on Weds I was waiting in a very long line for the NYC-Boston bus, watching all the drunk people in green stumble by in the brilliant afternoon sun. The line happened to trail past a hot dog stand about halfway through, and this caused one passing drunkbro to see us and mutter “for a fuckin hot dog? you people are fuckin crazy!” He then walked about 20 paces further up, turned, and bugged his eyes out us as if to tell us he couldn’t fuckin believe how crazy we were. Everyone is always totally right in their own head. And I didn’t see it until just this moment but this is exactly why it is better to have other people playing your music with you. SOMETIMES YOU ARE THAT GUY WHO THINKS EVERYONE IN THE MEGABUS LINE IS WAITING FOR A HOT DOG.

Oh, and I also had a passing impulse to yell out “best hot dogs in NY!” at him, because NYC seems like the kind of place where someone would display their effortless knowledge of the city by telling you that the best dogs in all of NY are only at this one lunchcart that looks exactly like all the other lunchcarts but is on the northeast corner of W 31st and 8th.

okay, time to go sit in the beautiful, beautiful SUN