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Posted on April 5, 2010


It occurred to me that new visitors to the site might only see me rambling on about Chinese novels and blogs I don’t like and not have any idea what the hell was going on. So, this post will stay at the top of the news feed via some date manipulation.

All the records I have made thus far are available for your free delectation. Most of them are right here at boywithoutgod dot com on the Hear page (if you’re viewing this on wordpress click HERE and then “HEAR”) Just click on the album cover of yr choice and enjoy. The only exceptions are the newest releases, which are hosted elsewhere.
The lo-fi acoustic EP Eight Delicate Olives Slowly Chewed at Midnight (Nov 2009) is available by clicking HERE
And the single City Kids (Jan 2010) is available at Bad Panda Records, HERE

If you’ve downloaded and dug any of these fruits of my mind and hands, might I suggest that you give me some money. After all, money = love, right? …right? guys?

A little info about said albums:

There Are Bones in the Tres (2006, self-released)
Autobiography EP (2007, self-released)
Hangups EP (2007, self-released)

These are my first forays into singing and writing songs with words. I recorded pretty much everything I did, and recorded it all on the built in mic on my laptop. As a result, it sounds…unique, especially since I’ve always loved overdubbing a million different instruments on everything. There are a few gems in here, esp some of the stuff on the Autobiography EP.

Songs to Sit in Empty Room To EP (2007, self-released)
I Am the Place Where All Lies Start EP (2007, self-released)
The Pity Parade EP (2007, self-released)

These are the result of an idea I had to try and record a minute of completed music every day, connecting each minute as seamlessly as possible into one big piece. They represent April, May, and half of June 2007, and I think they’re pretty fun to listen to, even if they remain a bit hit or miss. It’s fun to try and see how I strung everything together, which was by far the hardest part.

One Day the Distance Between Myself and God Will Disappear EP (2008, self-released)

This is half of a minute-a-day project I did in Jan 2008 plus a bunch of songs I’d recorded in various places and by various means. It is actually by far the most consistent of all these early recordings, and for the most part, the end of the built-in laptop mic recording era. The title is lifted from a poem by the great Franz Wright.

BWG – Best of the early years
If you’re not into digging through massive quantities of no-fi mp3s, here are my favorite songs, as of early 2009, from all the albums up to this point. There’s some detail about each song (inspiration, what I like about it, what’s wrong with it) in the post as well.

Your Body is Your Soul (2009, self-released)

This is a huge departure in terms of sound quality (and, I think, song quality) from the previous home recordings. It was made over the summer of 2008, with friend Nick Boyajian, who engineered the entire record and provided some visionary creative guidance, and got some really quite lovely praise from lots of people, like John Darnielle (Mountain Goats), Owl & Bear, Prefix Magazine, etc…

Eight Delicate Olives Slowly Chewed at Midnight EP (2009, self-released)

Going back to the earlier (lack of) fidelity, these are songs written in Copenhagen and, for various reasons, not selected to be on the upcoming full-length God Bless the Hunger (which is currently being tracked at The Soul Shop).

City Kids (2010, Bad Panda Netlabel)

This is a home demo culled from another little minute-a-day project I did recently. It kind of came out of nowhere but wound up being one of the best straight up pop songs I’ve ever written. The final version will be on GBtH (it sounds SWEET but you can’t hear it yet). Also, it is better recorded than the earlier home-rec stuff.

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