BWG nominated for Boston Phoenix “Best Music Poll”

Posted on April 15, 2010


Do you like voting for things on the internet? I know I do. If you share my sentiments, you’re in luck, as I’ve been nominated as one of the six best “folk” musicians in Boston. The absurdity of these things aside, I think it’s pretty cool that they thought of me.

To vote, just go here, click the button to the left of “Boy Without God” (or whoever you want to vote for…), then click the “submit vote” button at the bottom of the screen, and THEN click “cast your ballot” button that pops up, and THEEEEN enter yr email (they won’t email you anything). It’s a rather arcane system of clicking, but if you don’t go through the whole thing it won’t count:

Voters Inquire Within

I would also recommend voting in other categories for bands like Debo (“world”), Hallelujah the Hills (“best local act”), and any of the wonderful bands in the “garage/psych” category. Pick the one you like the best. That’s how this stuff is supposed to work right?

in other news, everything has been tracked on GBtH but two brief gang vocal interludes. I am virtually trembling with anticipation. I have said it before, but listening to actual, tremendously talented musicians play things that previously existed only in your head or in midi string sounds is nothing short of epiphanic.


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