Well, I guess that era is over

Posted on May 27, 2010


The new Arcade Fire songs, when I dimmed my computer screen and put headphones on for a close listen, literally made me pass out for 3 hours and wake up confused and fully clothed in the dark of midnight.

I haven’t listened to Funeral in ages. I don’t really want to, because I’m sure I won’t like it a whole lot, and I’d prefer to keep intact the fond memories I have of getting sloshed on Magic Hat at a certain macrobiotic mansion and belting the songs out over some out of tune piano at 3 AM. I never warmed to Neon Bible (It always peeved me slightly that just as I was preparing to make an album called Your Body is Your Soul, they were releasing a song called My Body is a Cage; clearly we had parted ways), but still, when I saw that new songs had been released, I thought hopefully that I might hear some trace of what had uplifted me as a miserable college freshman (the album literally came out Sept 14th of that harrowing first year). Afraid not.

I’ve heard that a poem read twice is never the same poem. I suppose the same could be said for albums, with the appropriate verb substitution. It’s strange, though, the way some things that set off bombs in my adolescent soul have retained their power while time has rendered others wilted and pale in comparison with their memory-twins, the way rooms you spent time in as a child remain cavernous and mysterious in your mind until you walk back into them as an adult and, after a moment of unreality, discover them to be utterly mundane.