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Pop Culture is Pop Culture is Pop Culture

June 15, 2010


I’m finally getting around to reading The Rest Is Noise, and in doing so today I came across a little tidbit from the start of the 20th century that reminded me of a nostalgia fallacy I often buy into (and which had been flaring up as I read about orchestras touring the midwest and playing […]

Lying to people is funny sometimes

June 4, 2010


As much as I’d like to be completely serious and sincere all the time, it would drive me completely insane (and does, during the periods when I can’t help it). So, I was greatly entertained last night at Ampeater’s Knitting Factory show when, during Michael Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s set, I spotted TV On The Radio’s […]

looking for love/rock’n’roll

June 2, 2010


I had a minor epiphany the other night at Glasslands, where I’d been dispatched to review the Twin Sister album release show for Jezebel. Whenever I review a show I make sure to watch every song by every band. It’s easy to assume the opening acts will blow, or that you know what’s coming after […]