Lying to people is funny sometimes

Posted on June 4, 2010


As much as I’d like to be completely serious and sincere all the time, it would drive me completely insane (and does, during the periods when I can’t help it). So, I was greatly entertained last night at Ampeater’s Knitting Factory show when, during Michael Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s set, I spotted TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone watching (makes sense) and then this fantastic thing happened: A big brodude wearing a green baseball cap tried to smoothly maneuver his way over to Malone’s side, stumbling a bit and then giving my friends and I a grinning double thumbs up when he righted himself (ha!). In place, he made his move, leaning over to strike up a conversation. They talked for a moment, and then, during a lull, he bro introduced himself as “Patrick” and reached out a hand. Malone shook it and said something. Then we heard “Oh, sorry dude, I thought you were the guy from TV on the Radio. Nice to meet you anyway.” Then he headed off. As soon as he walked past them, Malone’s two companions burst out laughing. So did I. For chrissake people, let the man watch a show in peace!

This story is made especially funny by the fact that there is absolutely NO way that anyone could ever be mistaken for Malone, what with his unforgettable hair. Not Kyp Malone

Also, to the person who got to my blog by searching for “joanna newsom andy samberg break up” in google: Sorry, dude. I think you need to find someone else to be your girlfriend.

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