Summertour, part I

Posted on July 29, 2010


When Will pulled up to my house blasting the Allman Bros Live at the Fillmore and wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, I had a good feeling about this tour.

High Points So Far:
• Wonderful, wonderful audiences every night with the exclusion of DC, at which there was (literally) no audience. But man, we rocked that soundwoman and door guy.

• In the middle of Elizabeth Devlin’s preamble to a song about how the moment when the local train and the express train run side by side for a second is a lot like relationships in nyc, she says something about how we’re all running at different speeds and we don’t know exactly where we’re going, at which point a black dude with a mesmerizing head of hair loudly and calmly corrects her: We know where we’re going. We’re all gonna die.

• Parking the car before the Yolk show under an ominous and distant lightning storm, light cutting the sky in half every second or so, wind picking up. There’s nothing better than a summer storm, except maybe the visible approach of a summer storm.

• Getting into an intense rooftop argument about veganism with the proprietor of the Yolk, during which the Holocaust card was pulled. It bummed me out, but I like him anyway.

• Watching Elio eat a taco at the restaurant down below The Yolk, which doubles as an art gallery showing pictures of hip, young, tattoo’d city folk doing things like camping shirtless and standing naked and blurry (both photographically and humanly speaking) in unidentifiable doorways. He ate under a photo of approximately 4 of them enthusiastically banging in a rustic cabin, featuring at least one (1) visible dick. I felt queasy.

• Running through the audience playing saxophone noise on God Bless the Hunger (it’s been too long since I’ve been able to do that. The acoustic guitar can be restrictive, to say the least).

• Playing in a basement in 100 degree heat. Jesus, fuck. Most appreciative crowd ever, though, probably because they were suffering too.

• Girl in Philly tells us, “I used to date the drummer from [name of popular buzz band redacted]” and then mouths fellating not one but TWO dicks. Now that is disdain.

• Getting woken up on the steamiest of nights at 3:30 am and then being unable to sleep because someone is reading a film script out loud in the other room. It appears to be an allegory that involves guitars, whiskey, the woods, and a woman literally pulling a man’s heart out of his chest. Hmm.

• Probably a lot of hilarious shit in the car that the heat melted out of my brain.

hop on over to the BWG facebook page to see photos!

Providence, Barre, JP, & Brooklyn, see you soon!

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