Summertour, part II

Posted on August 5, 2010


Well, well, I suppose it’s high time for the 2nd half of my summertour blog posts. Photos are on the BWG facebook page here! Here goes!

After a pre-show shit-talking/whiskey drinking ritual in Providence (Always a good time for some male bonding), I sit near a couple arguing quietly but fiercely at the bar. Hours later, after the free showing of groundhog day has ended outside and the first two bands are done, they are still there, mutely antagonistic. We play, there are some technical disasters (no bass amp = bass through the PA. My borrowed guitar amp breaks on the first song = guitar through the PA. those 2 things together = we can only hear drums and lead guitar), some creative risks (we cover CCR’s Lodi even though only half of us have ever heard it), and somehow people seem to like us. We end the set with Only Sweetness, a duo between me and Will, and by the end of the song, Elio, now in the audience, sees the couple MAKE UP COMPLETELY. Like, forehead-kissing, close-hugging style. I mean, correlation ain’t necessarily causation, but still…

The Church turns out to be an amazing DIY venue no one’s ever heard of, housed in a rectory in E. Williamsburg. Everyone there is amazingly nice. The girl hosting the show slaps my ass and then invites us all to her burlesque club night after the show, to which we all go (obviously) and drink free vodka and watch people dance wildly and sexually for the camera and then go back to acting like totally normal people at a dance night (half dancing, half standing around craning their necks like they’re waiting for someone who will never arrive). At one point my new friend Parker, who was tending bar at the Church, comes up to me (I am cowering on a bench in the corner with a drink in each hand) and says “COME ON, YOU’RE IN NEW YORK!”, to which I say “I LIVE IN NEW YORK” (you have to yell cause it’s LOUD) and proceed to sip my drinks, moving them behind me whenever girls come over to enact explicit poses under camera flashes next to me on the bench, which is more often than you’d imagine.

And in turn, Barre winds up being the perfect antidote to NYC. We roll down bumpy backroads blasting some sweet, incongruous Numero Group issued free-funk and pull past some cows into a gorgeous field pockmarked with tents. Then we play frisbee for an hour and run around with dogs and drink soda. Later we make smores over a campfire. No really. Somewhere in there we played a show in a christmas-lit basement for some wonderfully appreciative people (including our host Dylan Clark’s mom, who wins the joint award for best tour host along with Ricardo & Meghan from Philly) and one sleepy canine. Then we wandered through the woods to what looked like a UFO landing site and looked at the stars. Mickey’s band Water also played and were wonderful despite some tech. difficulties.
• And finally, homecoming at the whitehaus was wonderful. Resident poet Brian S Ellis came up to me afterwards and said “I mean this in a very specific way. (long pause) It’s good to hear a man who sings like a man.” This may be one of the best things anyone has ever said to me after a show.

We’re hitting the road again in sept, and I, for one, cannot wait. See you soon, road.

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