State of the BWG (3 Tours, Phosphorescent Show, New Record)

Posted on August 17, 2010


Hello hello,

It is time once again for a general update on how things are going in the Boy Without God universe. For the impatient, I’ll save you a bunch of time and tell you the answer: awesome.

ONE. God Bless The Hunger is tracked, mixed and mastered. It’s done. It sounds amazing. My mom won’t stop texting me about it. Can you hear it? you say. Well, not for awhile, but once we find a label you can be sure that I will let you know. Probably more times than you need to hear.

TWO. We are more than honored to be opening for not just one but two of my favorite songwriters, Phosphorescent & J. Tillman, at the Middle East Downstairs in Boston on Sun Aug 15th! We go on at 9, so show up early! This is the kind of show you daydream about playing when you go see Phosphorescent at the MFA two years ago, or in Copenhagen last spring, for example, and on your way out your girlfriend says “what a man” and you can tell that even though she’s kind of kidding she’s also kind of not. Anyway, I am BEYOND excited. We’re getting the horn section and lady singers together to make this a hell of a show. Maybe even some strings too…I’ve already started revising the setlist, which is kind of embarrassing but hey, we’re all friends here.

THREE: Summertour just wrapped up (I’ve managed to emerge from my post-partum depression long enough to write this) and was a resounding success. We lulled a dog to sleep, finished a set under the stars, went to a “burlesque” show which turned out to be a camera-infested club night, sweated out 20 lbs in one steamy basement show, touched some metal kids hearts (their words), ate some dope mexican food, listened to 36 Chambers while driving down an empty blue highway at 3 am. Basically, we lived life. Full updates here and here.

Photos are on the BWG facebook page.

Now that summertour is over, we’re hard at work on not one but TWO falltours, one in late sept with our friends The Wailing Wall and one in October with our friends Sleepy, Very Sleepy. yes yes! We’ve also got plenty of new songs in the works, one of which cracks the 10 min mark and bears the influence of me having spent the last 6 months listening to Veedon Fleece over and over again, which if you don’t know that album you should get it right now. There’s also some of the new Joanna Newsom in there.

FOUR A limited edition EP of home recordings from last fall is coming right to your door soon via our bandcamp site! It is called Walking On Water Wasn’t Built In a Day, and it exists in digital form and also in a limited run of 50 CDRs with hand-watercolored, unique covers made by yrs truly. Snap em up while you can!

I’d like to kick out an extra special thanks here to Will, Mickey & Elio for making both the record and the live show so much more than it could ever be with just me and an acoustic guitar. Finally the sounds in my mind are coming to life, and it’s all thanks to these talented gentlemen.

bwg & friends