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Raise New Hell, Part V

November 12, 2010


Let us begin this post with a moment of silence for the neckbeard I just removed from my face. See you on the other side, buddy. Yesterday we slept in the van some more, recovering from the…luxuries of the parking lot. We also rolled through a guitar store in search of the perfect amp for […]

Raise New Hell, Part IV

November 11, 2010


Well, friends. Sometimes things all go your way. Sometimes the winds of fortune billow out your sails and you never trip without finding a ten dollar bill. Sometimes every lost object reappears in your jacket pockets and only good news buzzes your cell phone. Sometimes, on the other hand, you wake up on top of […]

Raise New Hell Part III

November 10, 2010


Well, friends. Fearless Leader seems to have left his laptop charger curled up in a ball on his floor in NY, as a result of which internet updatery has become increasingly complicated. This update will be composed in approximately, um, 13 minutes. Dreamcastle was warm and wonderful, just like last time. Our new friends from […]

Raise New Hell Part II

November 8, 2010


I had a nice chat yesterday with Nkls about how one of my favorite parts of tour is that it turns the world into your living room. When you have no private space, you have no choice but to make all space private space, and it has a tremendous freeing effect. No joke is ever […]

Raise New Hell, Part I

November 6, 2010


Tour blogging is the delicate art of telling just enough of the truth to keep everyone interested but not enough of the truth to piss anyone off. It’s an art I’m not sure that I’ve mastered, so I’ll probably wind up talking about funny things that happen to us on the road rather than the […]

Tour Tomorrow, New Single Today

November 4, 2010


Well Ladies & Gents, there is much to do, so I’ll be brief. As a celebration of the impending tour, we are releasing this tidy little single, which can be listened to and purchased (for a measly dollar) here: Last weekend was but a teaser. The full on tour (featuring a van so ancient & […]