Raise New Hell Part II

Posted on November 8, 2010


I had a nice chat yesterday with Nkls about how one of my favorite parts of tour is that it turns the world into your living room. When you have no private space, you have no choice but to make all space private space, and it has a tremendous freeing effect. No joke is ever off limits. Your feet are always up. Restaurant employees become your accomplices. Strangers become fellow party-goers. For someone like myself especially, who usually adheres rigidly to that fake but mutually agreed upon urban anonymity (no eye contact or talking unless you’re asking directions or there is a crazy person nearby and you need social reassurance), this is a whole new way of living.

It allowed us, even on our day off, to stroll into a local bar for trivia night and wind up with new friends and a giddy sense of lightness. Cities are always full of avenues for this kind of unexpected boon. But something about having nowhere to be encourages you to explore it in a way that seldom seems to happen when you are where you live.

The show in Halethorpe (just outside baltimore) was in the basement of a tiny row house jammed full of UMBC students sipping on keg beer. During an opening band a member of the audience was called up to crouch on the ground and act as a piano bench. The crowd was warm and friendly. Hugs were exchanged post-set. Someone told me that he would sleep with my voice (if it were embodied in human form, I assume. otherwise that seems…complicated). We were even coerced into performing When We Pray live for the first time (thanks Sean!) and it was okay. The sky didn’t fall. Take a look, it’s still up there.

The only setback was that we chose a poor time to deploy some silly string. Bands take note: do not do this right at the beginning of 4 minutes of a your quietest, most sensitive song. Some photos were taken. They will hopefully find their way to the internet soon.

Tonight, Dreamcastle in South Philly. We will be debuting another new song. This one clocks in at about 12 minutes, so bring your lighters. Things are going to get dynamic.

Oh, and the best thing I saw yesterday? Well, let me just show you.

everyhing about this is amazing, but I think the stock photo of the hand with neatly manicured nails jotting THE SECOND COMING into her dayplanner really takes the cake. Guess you can use June-December as scrap paper. Doubt you’ll need to remember to get the dry cleaning while you’re basking in the rapture of your eternal reward.

I’m going to try to get some photos up on the facebook page before the laptop dies again. Keep yr eyes peeled!

Your faithful servant,

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