Raise New Hell Part III

Posted on November 10, 2010


Well, friends. Fearless Leader seems to have left his laptop charger curled up in a ball on his floor in NY, as a result of which internet updatery has become increasingly complicated. This update will be composed in approximately, um, 13 minutes.

Dreamcastle was warm and wonderful, just like last time. Our new friends from When I Was 12 came to hang out and we debuted Song For the Singer, which we’re polishing up in the hopes of laying it down at Daytrotter on Monday. We made camp at Ricardo’s and ate some homemade pesto at 3 in the morning and then rolled all the way down to Chapel Hill with only a mild case of van delirium to show for it. There’s nothing like driving against the seasons to make you appreciate them all over again. Just as fall was turning the page into winter up north, we drove down into mid-fall weather, burnished leaves still on the trees, no jackets required. The first breath of air was gorgeous. There’s also nothing like 6-7 hours in a van to make you appreciate everything about not being in a van. Food tastes better, women look more beautiful, the air smells incredible. Even just walking around aimlessly becomes a giddy, celebratory kind of act.

We visited all our favorite CH haunts for necessities (burritos, books, beers) and then proceeded to fall asleep on couches in the nightlight while some kind of theater troupe was having a meeting (remember that thing I said last time about the world being your living room?). I don’t remember too much of what they said, but I know the word “enema” was tossed around a lot, as was the phrase “SWAT team of sterilization.” Ah, creativity at work. I woke up to the sound of someone asking if we’d arrived yet and suddenly there were people there and the show was about to happen. It’s a really great feeling being carried from one moment to the next with such momentum that there’s never any boredom (van boredom is different, it’s boredom while something necessary is being accomplished, like being in the waiting room at the doctors office). It gives an air of purpose and momentum to such things as: sleeping in the van, sleeping in the venue, sleeping on people’s floors, and drinking whiskey.

okay, time’s up. See you next time I find someone with a compatible charger!

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