Raise New Hell, Part IV

Posted on November 11, 2010


Well, friends. Sometimes things all go your way. Sometimes the winds of fortune billow out your sails and you never trip without finding a ten dollar bill. Sometimes every lost object reappears in your jacket pockets and only good news buzzes your cell phone.

Sometimes, on the other hand, you wake up on top of a pointy duffel bag in the back of a rusty van in a Walmart parking lot in Knoxville TN and suddenly realize that not only did you leave some very important things under a table in North Carolina two nights ago but your only pair of shoes is falling apart. And both your legs are asleep. And your throat feels like you swallowed several housecats.

What is there to do on such days but hoist yourself up, go splash some cold water on your face in the 24 hour Walmart bathroom (nevermind that the faucet temperature is auto-regulated to “pisswarm”), get stared down every which way by suspicious employees, and then leave the van door open when you drive away. Oops.

But still, there are things to be grateful for. Nothing falling out of the open van door, for example. Not everything is in your control, friends. All you can do is sing your stupid heart out, no matter how small the stage.

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