Raise New Hell, Part V

Posted on November 12, 2010


Let us begin this post with a moment of silence for the neckbeard I just removed from my face. See you on the other side, buddy.

Yesterday we slept in the van some more, recovering from the…luxuries of the parking lot. We also rolled through a guitar store in search of the perfect amp for my rocket (tremolo ahoy) and wound up picking up some weird free vinyl. The supremes sing country & western and look super uncomfortable on the cover? Sign me up. Will impressed the guitar store dudes with his prodigious technical skill. I did not.

The Green Lantern in Lexington turned out to be a pothead dive bar. It was awesome. The proprietor told us to leave the stage lights off when we weren’t using them because they’re weed-growing lights and they suck up a ton of power. The bartender was baked out of his mind. Some people tried to get us to smoke weed on the back porch while we were loading in. etc etc etc

This post is not particularly philosophical, I suppose. Today is a day of regrouping, of recovering lost sleep, removing unwanted facial hair, eating sandwiches, visiting bourbon distilleries. Tomorrow once again it will be time to rip. But today it’s time to be blank and clean, clear our heads of all the impurities of the last few days (and the well whiskey from last night), and set our feet on the ground once again.

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