Jesus Don’t Cry/Darlin Remember/Parrot Shagging

Posted on January 12, 2011


Hey all,

I’ve been away from here for quite awhile, but rest assured all is well and busy here at BWG HQ. New songs are coming together. A slightly altered NYC-BWG band is in the works, featuring lots of exotic instruments like bass clarinet and viola. The Daytrotter session we recorded in Nov should be up soon. We have t-shirts, which I will discuss further very shortly. And, we made some videos. Like this one (which most of you have seen) of us singing a Wilco song in Cincinnati. Some photos for the GBtH art have been taken. Some sweet fake GBtH art is up over at the facebook page.

And this one of us singing a Gillian Welch song in Boston.

and this one of a rare parrot making love to the back of a poor BBC Zoologist’s head.

Okay, fine, we didn’t make that last one. But we wish we did.

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