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March 28, 2011


Hey y’all, I’ve got a new website in the works. In the meantime, keep updated by visiting the link in the subject line. Advertisements

Jesus Don’t Cry/Darlin Remember/Parrot Shagging

January 12, 2011


Hey all, I’ve been away from here for quite awhile, but rest assured all is well and busy here at BWG HQ. New songs are coming together. A slightly altered NYC-BWG band is in the works, featuring lots of exotic instruments like bass clarinet and viola. The Daytrotter session we recorded in Nov should be […]

Raise New Hell Part II

November 8, 2010


I had a nice chat yesterday with Nkls about how one of my favorite parts of tour is that it turns the world into your living room. When you have no private space, you have no choice but to make all space private space, and it has a tremendous freeing effect. No joke is ever […]

Tour Tomorrow, New Single Today

November 4, 2010


Well Ladies & Gents, there is much to do, so I’ll be brief. As a celebration of the impending tour, we are releasing this tidy little single, which can be listened to and purchased (for a measly dollar) here: Last weekend was but a teaser. The full on tour (featuring a van so ancient & […]

The Time Has Come to Announce The November Tour

October 19, 2010


Hello friends, You have been seeing bits and pieces of this pop up over the last few weeks, but today is the day on which we officially announce our very exciting November Tour. Am I supposed to name these things? Let’s call it the Raise New Hell Tour. For this tour, we will have wonderful […]

Calling all video people

October 7, 2010


Does anyone in nyc have a decent video-recording capabilities and an interest in embarking upon a fun project with me? It involves: storytelling, bands, vimeo, tumblr & kitchens. Maybe in the future it also involves money, but not yet. More details can be had by emailing me: boywithoutgod at gmail. love, bwg

Parable of the Dog and the Bleakness

October 5, 2010


Today, having spent all morning on the internet doing the things that people who are in bands without booking agents or publicity people have to do if they want to play well-attended shows in cities in which they do not live, I began to feel despondent. This feeling overtakes me whenever I spend an extended […]