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An article called “Is Indie Dead?”

January 29, 2010


(I almost called this post “Is Indie Dead?” as well, but thought I’d distance myself from the attention-whoring title while still using it to provoke people into clicking on the link. Oh don’t mind me, I’m just over here having my cake and eating it too.) There’s an article in Feb’s Paste Magazine called, you […]

New Song: City Kids (Bad Panda Records)

January 19, 2010


Hey kids and kittens, A new song (a home-recording of a song that’ll be on the forthcoming God Bless the Hunger) is now available for FREE on the sweet, Creative Commons netlabel Bad Panda Records. It comes with these sweet drawings by TY WILLIAMS (you may know him because he is awesome): Plus there’s an […]

yo all you american idol viewers searching for andrew’s name

January 13, 2010


Now that you’re here, take a second to download my music for free, just to make your visit worthwhile. It’s pretty great, if I do say so myself. Also, no, Andrew is not an actor or a network plant.

A reason to watch american idol, for once

January 11, 2010


This summer, when I was recording horns for the new Eli Paperboy Reed album, I got to catch up a bit with my friend, trombonist/singer/guitarist/etc Andrew Fenlon, during which time he told a pretty unbelievable story about auditioning for american idol, and, after making it far enough up the ladder to audition for the actual […]

digging a nice hole for myself

January 9, 2010


Well, I know what happens when you try to explain why you loathe stupid things that other people think are fun(ny), and yet, I’m going to try to do it anyway. God help me. At least I’ll try to be brief. I tried to write something a long while ago that encapsulated my ill will […]

Lyrics to the songs on Eight Delicate Olives…

January 5, 2010


Just realized that I hadn’t put these anywhere. For shame. The EP can be found (for free) here Autumn Joy Always knew I’d break these bonds and go to graze on greener lawns gauzy light on the passengers side and we are drunken without wine with the stress of joy in autumn a dirty fork […]

Happy New Year + Zuzu tonight!

January 4, 2010


one. Take a few minutes to think about how big the universe (right above your head right now) is: Did anyone else get that feeling, zooming back into earth after all that astral travel, of being a little kid half-asleep in the backseat of the car at night with your parents driving you home from […]